Is Tooth Decay Our Oldest Disease?

Did You Know Tooth Decay Is the Oldest Disease Known to Humans?

It’s not the common cold. Nor is it arthritis, malaria, or leprosy.

At least according to Healthplex Dental trivia, tooth decay is not only the oldest disease we know of, but also the most common and widespread.

Not only is tooth decay the most common and widespread disease of humankind, it is the oldest. Skulls of pre-historic humans have been examined and tooth decay has been found.

A quick internet search should reveal plenty of claims to the contrary, with even the Guinness Book of World Records getting in on the action proclaiming leprosy appeared prior to tooth decay…

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Simple Tips for a Healthy Looking Smile

A Little Smile Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Maintaining a healthy smile is easy, and can even save you money at the dentist. All it takes is some super simple – but consistent – dental hygiene habits to keep your kisser in tip top shape.

A diligent daily dental hygiene regimen along with some preventative dentistry is the first ingredient toward keeping a beaming & bright, healthy looking smile.

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Smiling Is Good for Your Health

Smile…It’s Good For You

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, but just go ahead and try to laugh without smiling!

And we all know that when we feel good we tend to smile more, but did you know that the reverse may be true as well?

That is, just the simple act of smiling can be good for our health.

Even though smiles have been said to be incredibly contagious, cracking a smile is scientifically proven to be good for your overall health.

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3 Reasons Why Your Dentist Loves the Month of April

What Is It About April that Dentists Love?

Don’t be mistaken, dentists love every day of every month of the year they get to fight off the cavity creeps for their trusting patients.

But they seem to favor a couple few months that really drive home the dental health awareness message.

Now that Spring is upon us here in the upper half of our planet, April gives dentists three more oral health topics to discuss with patients, team members, blog readers, & just about anyone who is willing to listen.

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Which is Best: Dental Floss or Interdental Brushes?

The Between Teeth Cleaning Tool Debate

Say that three times fast! Dental floss or interdental brushes are two top tools for the task at hand.

Craftsmen (and dentists) around the world agree, if you don’t apply the right tool for the job at hand, optimal results will be difficult to come by.

And when we’re talking tooth cleaning tools, reaching the crevices & crannies in between teeth is essential for maintaining optimal oral health – & overall health!

Really the choice is a personal one reliant on many individual factors – just like the dental debate between manual vs. electric toothbrushes.

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