Franklin Township Dentist Offers $750 Invisalign Discount

Get $750 Off Invisalign at Advanced Dental Arts

At the Franklin Township Somerset NJ Advanced Dental Arts office of Dr. Joseph Haddad, we are proud to offer all new patients a completely FREE Invisalign® Consultation – and $750 off treatment plus FREE teeth whitening.

As you may have learned in this post, straight teeth don’t just look better smiling for the camera.

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SMILE & Have a Happy 4th of July!

4th of July Smiles

We’re all already well aware that summer is officially the smile season, right?

Now that doesn’t mean autumn isn’t awesome, spring doesn’t provoke a significant amount of smiles, or that winter smiles are watered down.

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Is It Best to See Your Dentist in Summer?

Summertime is Checkup Time

It’s not like we should need a good time to see our dentist, but for most of us convenience is a key factor.

With everything else going on in life, sometimes scheduling – and/or keeping – that dentist appointment can prove challenging at best.

But summer is the smile season, and you shouldn’t neglect your smile just because there’s too much other stuff to do.

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Oral Cancer, Chewing Tobacco, & Baseball

Curt Schilling Blames Oral Cancer on Chewing Tobacco

While most sports fans are aware of former Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly’s battle with sinus cancer, and the recent passing of one of baseball’s greatest hitter ever – Tony Gwynn – up until earlier today most of us weren’t aware that another famous athlete is dealing with mouth cancer.

Former Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series winning pitcher Curt Schilling is currently fighting oral cancer.

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Is Tooth Decay Our Oldest Disease?

Did You Know Tooth Decay Is the Oldest Disease Known to Humans?

It’s not the common cold. Nor is it arthritis, malaria, or leprosy.

At least according to Healthplex Dental trivia, tooth decay is not only the oldest disease we know of, but also the most common and widespread.

Not only is tooth decay the most common and widespread disease of humankind, it is the oldest. Skulls of pre-historic humans have been examined and tooth decay has been found.

A quick internet search should reveal plenty of claims to the contrary, with even the Guinness Book of World Records getting in on the action proclaiming leprosy appeared prior to tooth decay…

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