How Much Candy Did You Help Us Donate to Our Troops Overseas?

With the support of our local Somerset NJ community, we were able to collect about 30 pounds of extra Halloween candy during our 2nd annual buy-back event held at our Advanced Dental Arts dental office.

Somerset Dentist Donates Halloween Candy to Troops

We are so happy & proud to participate in this effort to help put some of that leftover Halloween candy to good use. And we want to thank everyone who participated in helping us send this tiny little token of appreciation from home to our armed forces troops currently stationed overseas.

In this our second year running the Halloween Candy Buyback program, any children who dropped off extra candy they managed to trick or treat local Franklin Township residents out of Halloween night were paid $2 per pound.

Dr. Haddad and the entire team here at Advanced Dental Arts is proud to say that all of the candy you helped us collect during our two-day event – held November 3rd & 4th – will be sent to U.S. troops serving overseas.

Also accompanying the candy, the staff here at Advanced Dental Arts will be including “thank-you” cards for the troops.

If we can all pitch in to boost the spirit or lift the morale of a single Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman, or Guardsman serving overseas – even a tiny bit -maybe we can help make someone smile!

“We definitely want to thank everyone who came and brought candy in for our troops,” Dr. Haddad said. “We thank you for participating.”

We Hope Some of Our Troops Have a Sweet Tooth!


Advanced Dental Arts Donates 30lbs of Candy to Troops Overseas

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